The star wars version is our active, regularly developed and improved d20 MUD.  Using a combination of d20 and SAGA edition rules, it's a unique experience out there in the MUD world.

The game is set during the galactic civil war, between 'A New Hope' and 'The Empire Strikes Back'.  Players are rewarded for role playing, including automated rewards, but role play is not enforced aside from ensuring out of character communcation stays off the in character channels.

The game has a rather huge feature set, including force users with one base force using class and advanced force user classes that can be unlocked through role play and other means from regular game play.  We have a fledgling space system, complete with PvE space combat and numerous improvements planned and on the way, including cargo hauling (and smuggling), space mining, capital ships and massive space battles on occasion to capture systems for your faction or defend it from others.

For more information on our Star Wars version, visit the web site, or just log on and play in your browser.  You can also point your favourite MUD client to port 5500.