d20 MUD Dragonlance Version (Age of Dragons, 4th Age Post-War-of-the-Lance Dragonlance Era)

Connection Info: mud.d20mud.com port 4000 or play in your web browser

Status: Open for Play but still in development

Opened: February 2005

Roleplay: Required for Maximum Exp Gains with Automated Exp and Other Rewards for Role Playing

Number of Classes: 13 Base Classes and 15 Prestige Classes

Number of Races: 26 Base and 6 Advanced

Crafting System: Yes, including allowance of custom descriptions with color

Spell System: Memorization for some classes, 'daily' spell slots for others (resets every 10 minutes)

Multiclassing: Yes, up to 3 classes per character + artisan class

Number of Levels: 20 regular and 30 epic (50 total)

Size of World: Over 10,000 rooms

Quests: Auto-quests, Story-based quests and occasional role play events and invasions

Equipment System: Crafted, Looted from 'boss' type mobs and random treasure generator from any mob loot or 'pilfer' command

Character Customization: semi-custom description system, 27 skills, 23 languages, over 360 different feats and class abilities defined, over 350 different spells and effects defined.  The end result is that no two characters are exactly the same.

Clans: Clan, guild and regliion systems for various affiliations and socialization


What Our Players Are Saying:

"D20MUD: Star Wars is one of the most feature-heavy MUDs out there. Very true to her d20 roots! The game also reminds me a lot of my favorite MMORPG: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Am and always will be a fan!"
-- Zusuk 

"This is, bar none, the best Star Wars themed MUD in existence. They really captured the essence of the d20 System with this one. 5 out of 5 stars."
-- Fekk

More Player Testimonials

"D20mud is the best mud I've played in my 20 years of fingering a keyboard. It has everything any mudder could want and then some. From pvp to rich and interesting areas, mobs, class structure, to staff who are the most patient, fair, and helpful I've ever seen and player involvement in the direction the mud takes...I love it, and will always be as involved in it as life lets me be."
-- Rakhsasa

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