Looking to start your own d20MUD?  We've got you covered.

Starting a MUD can be a daunting endeavour.  Certainly it is rife with headscratching moments, as well as hair pulling ones.  d20MUD as a codebase is geared to a more intermediate or advanced level coder.  If you are downloading this codebase to learn how to code, or as a basic programmer, or without any coding knowledge, please know that you may find it harder than other more 'user friendly' and polished codebases.  We do intend to maintain the public releases, however, and one of our goals therein is to make it more user friendly.

That said you will need to have the following to set up and run d20MUD:

  • Any distro of Linux or UNIX.  The MUD has been succesfully tested on CENTOS, Debian and Ubuntu  codebases.  However we cannot garauntee it will work on yours, even if it is one of those previously listed.  Cygwin for windows is another option.  Setting it up under other environments is totally up to you, but we cannot garauntee it will work.
  • Knowledge of C programming, UNIX shell literacy, and MySQL.
  • A C compiler (such as gcc or cc)
  • A C code debugger (such as gdb)
  • MySQL server 4.0 or higher
  • MySQL Development Libraries (different names under different distros.  Eg. mysql-devel)
  • A place to host the game (We recommend your own VPS or Dedicated Box)  If you want to find a cheap VPS look here.

The fantasy codebase features code that is similar to the d20 system, D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder.  It also contains sample worlds from Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms Themes.

If you are seeking help in setting up, running or developing your own d20MUD, you can do so on the forums here at d20mud.com. Please do not email me (gicker) directly.  You may also discuss on one of the major general MUD web sites such as MUDConnect and MUDBytes

Now for the download!

Fantasy d20MUD Codebase (Dragonlance & Forgotten Realms Sample Worlds)

Thanks and Enjoy!